Wes Gleeson
(General Manager – Operations & Service Delivery)

“Iron Mountain is a global information management business that helps organisations reduce the inefficiencies, risks and costs associated with managing their information. We manage billions of information assets for organisations around the world and Iron Mountain continually strive to be leaders in our industry. Investing in our people, particularly in our leadership capacity and capability, is central to this philosophy.

I was looking to develop a leadership program for my team and had already seen the results a colleague had experienced through working with Bernard Desmidt of Exceld. I had been struck with the disciplined, rigorous process, grounded in a methodology to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. I envisioned how my own team could benefit from these tools and Bernard’s approach. My goal was to help each leader develop their individual leadership effectiveness as well as develop the leadership team to be cohesive and effective.

Together we designed a brief that Bernard documented into a succinct proposal and it was clear that he really understood my needs and those of my team, tailoring the approach with tools and structures to suit. It was a significant investment and central to this was the need to clearly articulate what ROI was going to be achieved. I particularly liked that Bernard emphasised and spoke about the program being real and benefit driven.

Bernard consistently delivered on his promises and from the beginning I could see the uptake from my team which was one of the benefits I was looking for. Over the past twelve months I can see their personal growth and how this translates into their leadership style, approach and impacts on the bottom line of the business. Their enhanced self-awareness means they are leading others authentically and congruently. We now have a common leadership language and have the difficult conversations with each other as a team, across teams too, and no longer avoid the “elephant in the room”. Overall, the team is much more open to learning and we each continue to evolve personally and in our roles as leaders.

They now have a common vernacular and will have tough conversations with each other as a team, across teams too, and not avoid the “elephant in the room”. Overall, the team is much more open to learning, to continuing to evolve personally and to accepting that learning is a growth aspect of their role and essential to effective leadership.

Bernard seeks to understand, is insightful and shares his experiences and learning willingly and generously. Bernard’s inquiring style helps to draw people out and when he says “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” he means it and everyone is the better for the discomfort. He’s very engaging, supportive yet challenging, and will help you discover your personal values and leadership brand. You will learn to hold yourself to account for your commitments and have your thinking and assumptions challenged in an empowering environment designed to build better leaders.

Bernard will challenge you and work deeply with you in a supportive, non-threatening and serious way. He cuts through to the core issues and he doesn’t gloss over things. Once you do get the insights, Bernard will work with you in ways that create impetus, drive accountability and to take personal responsibility for implementing actions or changing the way you think. I highly recommend Bernard to those who truly want to be the best they can be.”

Wes Gleeson
General Manager – Operations & Service Delivery
Iron Mountain