Sean Dempsey
(Group Executive - Commercial)

“ As MMSG’s internal champion and executive sponsor of the LEAP program I was pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the program and to work side by side with the cohort of senior leaders in our business. I met Bernard a week or two before the program commenced and my first impression was that this is a very intelligent, astute educator with a strong academic background and who is very likeable. I’m glad Suzanne selected Bernard to deliver the leadership component because Bernard was a great fit for the cohort. His ability to “read a room” of people – their mood, the attention, the feeling, the buy in and to change pace, soften and harden as necessary – was extraordinary.

Bernard has exceptional perception and can read and understand people – know where they are at. He genuinely wants to connect and understand – at an innate level. It’s part of who he is and how he brings the ‘authentic self’ to the program.

The greatest and unique aspect that Bernard bought to the program – that I have rarely seen in any other facilitator – is his ability to enable people to think, feel and speak freely without fear of repercussion. It felt as if people had come together for the first time with fresh eyes and Bernard alleviated any inhibition by making people feel safe to get the most out of their learning. Bernard provided people with enduring tools and strategies to focus on performance rather than personal issues and to lift that performance in a supportive safe way and retain individual and personal responsibility.

Without doubt, the most tangible improvement is the level of conversation and the quality of performance has improved and matured considerably. There’s now a shared focus of business improvement and it’s about working together and helping individuals to achieve this. As a result, the positive impact on our bottom line is inevitable.

I’d certainly recommend Bernard to an organisation looking to lift the maturity level of conversations at the management level particularly in terms of the conversations that managers are having with their teams about improvement and their own performance. Any forward thinking company who wants to give and get the best out of its people would want this.”

Sean Dempsey
Group Executive (Commercial)
The McMillan Shakespeare Group