Markus Haefeli (MD, Kärcher Australia)

“In July, 2014 I joined Kärcher Australia as their MD. It’s an exciting and forward thinking organisation and in terms of quality and technology, we are the world‘s leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for recreation, household, trade and industry. As an experienced MD, I am aware that successful transitioning into a new environment is an essential part of the role. My goal as a leader is to ensure that I am fully equipped to make that transition in a way that is in the best interests of the company.

I had witnessed Bernard Desmidt’s work as an executive coach in the last company I ran so his work was already known to me in that capacity. I had many conversations with Bernard and I respect his ideas and the way he thinks. One of the most important aspects of an executive coaching relationship is trust to enable open and honest conversations to happen and this is what I have with Bernard. He is very easy to talk to and someone I can trust implicitly. Bernard has global and practical experience and is not constrained by theory. He works to understand the whole business and the people in it too. Bernard also acts as a sounding board for me so that I can run things by him and discuss the implications and consequences. This enables me to concentrate on the important things and be able to view problems from all sides and make better informed decisions.

One of the results of our work together is that the business is more long term focussed as opposed to being reactive. The bigger picture has evolved and communicated to the team and the flow on effect of their buy in ensures even greater success. In recommending Bernard I’d say that you’d be getting a really smart and astute business advisor and confidant –someone who helps define and concentrate on what’s important to you, your business and achieves those big rocks. Besides, all of that, he’s a nice bloke, good to have around and to work with. Bernard absolutely has my best interests at heart and he is flexible and adaptable to my needs and time constraints and that is ideal for me as an MD.”

Markus Haefeli, MD, Kärcher Australia