Linda Smith (Manager, People & Culture, ISPT)

“My responsibility is building people capability across ISPT and ensuring we are applying best practice people and culture strategies and programs to support the ISPT team. We were seeking to implement a professional leadership program to build the leadership capability across the organisation. We wanted our leaders to be the best they can be and, through a process of self awareness, for leaders to identify and address specific leadership development areas. Our goal was to ensure the leadership team were best equipped to realise their own potential and to fully engage, lead and develop their teams – not only for today but the future success of ISPT.

Bernard Desmidt of Exceld came highly recommended to me and I spent time with him talking through what ISPT wanted to achieve. His collaborative style as well as his strength in program design was the right fit for our company. Bernard has both an engaging and challenging facilitating style which encourages thinking and discussion Our leadership team are bright smart people and I knew they needed someone who had a strong presence, whose material was thought provoking and up-to-date and who could move our team forward on their leadership journey. We’ve just finished the first phase of the program and the leadership team are definitely trying new things and reflecting on their progress. Bernard has created a conversation that encourages leaders to step up and try out new behaviours.

As both a participant in the program and having collaborated on the program development, I am happy to recommend Bernard Desmidt. Bernard offers a lot of opportunity for others to contribute and is passionate about his clients achieving the outcomes they’re looking for”.

Linda Smith, Manager, People & Culture, ISPT