Daniel Warren-Smith (Sales Director, Iron Mountain Australia)

“Iron Mountain is a global data and records management business that helps organisations reduce the inefficiencies, risks and costs associated with managing their information. Our information management services enable organisations to protect and optimise their information, business, and ensure compliance requirements. We manage billions of information assets, including business records, medical data and more for organisations around the world. Organisations in every major industry and of all sizes employ Iron Mountain as their secure information management partner.

As the Sales Director of Iron Mountain Australia, being at my best for my-self and my team is an imperative. Professional and leadership development is both advocated and supported by our leadership so when I was looking to enhance my own capabilities, I sought recommendations for an executive coach. I looked at two possible candidates and chose Bernard Desmidt of Exceld for several reasons. There was a great personal connection and Bernard’s process is very structured with goals that were collaboratively set and met. Bernard was completely focussed on helping me identify and achieve those goals and I particularly like his style and approach. He’s personable and challenging in a respectful way. He has a depth of knowledge that he brings to bear – not just opinions – everything is considered and I feel he is genuinely working in my best interests.

There are several key areas where I can quantify the effects of the work Bernard and I have done together. Firstly, I have a considerably heightened self-awareness of my own strengths and how I can leverage those as well as areas where I can improve. I am connected with my core motivations and have developed a level of introspection that makes me mindful of the ways I work. Thirdly, Bernard has provided practical tactical strategies to enable me to achieve the outcomes I seek via connecting with my core motivations. I am better able to recognise my own red flags and now have the techniques to manage and develop strategies around those.

From a personal development perspective I feel I am more open minded to explore different views and I am enjoying developing my coaching style of management to enable my own team’s development. They’re growing and developing in their roles and this was something I really wanted to achieve through the process and Bernard’s work with me has definitely helped. A measure of my success is that Bernard is now working with several others in our organisation and I absolutely recommend him to anyone who seeks an outstanding executive coach.”

Daniel Warren-Smith, Sales Director, Iron Mountain Australia