Cath Jules (CEO Criterion Conferences)

“Since our establishment in 2009, Criterion Conferences has grown from a handful of people to a team of 70+ employees with a host of successful conferences spanning the Asia Pacific region. A big part of our success is that we research and design each conference to inspire, motivate and enrich our clients’ knowledge with inspiration and ideas to empower leadership and drive positive change in organisations. I’m particularly proud of the way our corporate culture defines, differentiates and underpins our success. With our rapid growth as an organisation, investing in the professional development of our people to ensure we continue to grow as a team that is united by our shared vision and values is a priority.

Enter Bernard Desmidt of Exceld! We interviewed a number of others in the leadership development space to take us on a leadership development journey and believe we made the best choice in selecting Bernard. I appreciated the fact that he knew our industry and felt comfortable and engaged with him immediately. Bernard understands me and my team and quickly built rapport with the other senior leaders. Our journey began at the perfect place to start – with increased self-awareness and enhanced awareness of others. It was an eye-opening experience and Bernard provided a safe environment where judgement is suspended and open and frank discussion could take place. It was a very humbling experience and Bernard is a very courageous person who has stretched and challenged all of us to go places where we could not have imagined let alone gotten there on our own.

The results on our business are measurable and evidenced by increased trust, improved communication and with the emergence of a real team working together for the greater good of all of us and our organisation. Recommending Bernard is easy – he’s a good listener with a real interest in understanding business. This means he can develop a bespoke program to truly meet your development needs. Bernard understands different personalities and he is a very capable facilitator who puts people at ease. As a leader of a rapidly growing organisation, I feel fortunate to have Bernard acting as a confidant for me. I trust him implicitly because I know I can trust his judgement in any situation.”

Cath Jules, CEO Criterion Conferences