Team Coaching

Build a Smarter Team

“All teams rise and fall on the strength of their relationships.”  - Diana McLain Smith

With flatter organisational structures and greater interdependencies, leaders need to rely on multiple perspectives to make more informed decisions. Success more so than ever, depends on the effectiveness of team members’ relationships and the quality of their conversations.  

To succeed as a team requires embarking on a learning journey – a journey that starts with developing greater levels of awareness and adopting new mindsets and adapting behaviours necessary to achieve better results.

The program enables leaders and team members to succeed by facilitating greater collaboration and make more informed decisions, build stronger working relationships, achieve greater success and improved levels of well being. 


Learning about self – to master team work starts with knowing self

  • to develop greater levels of self awareness – values, character strengths and beliefs
  • to better understand self and appreciate diverse perspectives
  • to master the habits to being highly effective 
  • to build greater trust in others and be trusted
  • to understand how one’s mindset may contribute to when the team gets “stuck”

Leading together – coming together, working together and leading together

  • to align personal and team values and purpose
  • to understand and apply a mutual learning operating style
  • to build greater levels of trust and avoid the dysfunctions of a team  
  • to foster more productive working relationships and achieve better results
  • to hold self and others more accountable for the team’s collective success 


  • to make teamwork the competitive advantage 
  • to make decisions team members support and that save time
  • to establish better and more productive work relationships
  • to experience greater levels of well being and less unproductive stress
  • to be able to collectively and constructively discuss the “undiscussables” and achieve better outcomes 

The Difference

  • Program facilitators have extensive personal executive experience across a wide range of industry sectors
  • The Program content is structured on contemporary global best practices
  • Content is structured on evidence based leadership models and concepts
  • Facilitators have over 20 years of global executive and coaching experience
  • Free service warranty with support for 3 months after completing the program  
  • Our performance guarantee to achieve agreed goals