Why are difficult conversations difficult?

The reason is not because of what we do, but how we think.

When you next have a difficult conversation, commit to try the following and see what happens:

  1. Rather than assume you’re right and they’re wrong, accept they have a different perspective on the issue? Then seek to understand their perspective.
  2. Rather than believe you need to “win and not loose” the battle, consider the mutual benefit to having the conversation. Then share what you believe are the mutual interests.
  3. Rather than look to blame the other person, consider how you may have contributed to the issue. Then ask them how they believe you may have contributed to this issue. Seek first to understand.

If you would like to learn more about how to make ‘difficult conversations’ easier click on the link or image below to see a webinar I presented, hosted by the CEO Forum:

CEO Forum Group Webinar September 2015 - Making Difficult Conversations Easier
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