The 5 questions leaders won't regret asking

Let 2013 be the year you make things happen - good intent is not enough. It's only by taking action that things happen. During 2012, survey after survey showed that between 70% to 75% of employees are not fully engaged in their work. Before you dismiss this fact and believe it doesn't apply to you, stop and ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What % of employees believe they'll be working someplace else within the next 12 months? 
  2. What % of employees respect you as their leader? 
  3. What % of employees feel aligned to the organisation's values? 
  4. What % of employees feel their career goals are aligned with their employer's plans? 
  5. What % of employees feel valued and appreciated? 

Should you think you have everything under control and that these indicators don't matter much, I would invite you re-assess. All you need to do is to take the decision to find out what employees think. Don't fall into the trap of assumming you know what employees think; ask them and find out what they think!     

To make it easier for you - simply click here to access the Employee Engagement Survey and get the answers to the 5 questions.   

All that matters is that you, as a leader, are doing all that can be reasonably expected to retain talent. It's easy to get distracted by the competitive and conflicting pressures - we all appreciate that how employees feel about their work and their leader directly affects their productivity, creativity and commitment to deliver their best. 

Get started and make 2013 the year of knowing what employees feel and think about being part of the organisation. Know what they value and appreciate most and build on these; most importantly, know what they believe needs changing to improve levels of engagement and then work collaboratively to make it happen. 

You have everything to gain by doing so.