Stop the meeting madness

We all accept that effective meetings are an essential foundation for becoming a high performing team. That said, 71% of leaders (Harvard Business Review – July 2017) claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and, more often, undermine teamwork!

Something needs to change – if this sounds all too familiar, here are three things you could do that would significantly enhance the value of meetings you attend:

  • Cut the number of meetings you attend – before agreeing to attend, ask yourself who else would be better placed to attend. Only attend meetings where the outcome to be reached and the value you are asked to add, are clearly stated. (Seek clarity if it’s not offered)
  • Slash the agenda – remove any ‘information sharing’ that could be more efficiently shared another way. Only include on the agenda what needs active involvement of the whole team – where diverse perspectives and thinking are critical, and focus attention on what can only be achieved by the team working interdependently.
  • Be ruthlessly disciplined – before leaving a meeting agree who is responsible for doing what, by when and how this will be communicated to relevant stakeholders. Regularly review what about the meetings adds value and what could be improved to add even greater value.

If you don’t respect your time, no one else will – lead the way to stop the meeting madness.