TEAMWORK – so powerful, yet rare!

Despite the universal acknowledgment that teams are the predominant unit of organisational performance, why is it that teamwork is still not common practice?

For teams to perform, team members need to be able to coordinate action and secure each other’s commitment and cooperation. Teamwork is therefore a function of the quality of the team members’ working relationships.

I invite you take this opportunity to reflect on the quality of your working relationships. Based on Gloria Kelly’s eight elements of effective working relationships, identify what possibilities could exist for you to improve your relationships.

  1. RESPECT – to what extent do others feel respected by you? Do you hold others with legitimacy irrespective of how similar or different their views are to yours?
  2. TRUST
    1. To what extent do others feel you are sincere in your interactions with them?
    2. Based on your interactions, how would others feel you rate their level of competence?
    3. Based on your interactions, how would others feel about how reliable you are?
  3. CONCERNS – to what extent do others feel you understand and are ‘tuned-in’ to what is important and matters to them?
  4. COORDINATE ACTION – how would others feel about how effectively you are able to coordinate action together to achieve mutually beneficial results?
  5. MOOD – what predominant mood would others assess you are in when interacting with you? How does this mood serve you and others? What mood would better serve you?
  6. CONVERSATIONS – how would others rate the quality of their conversations with you? How safe do they feel speaking their truth with you?
  7. APPRECIATION – do what extent do others feel acknowledged, recognised and valued by you?
  8. ALIGNMENT – to what extent to others feel alignment in relation to common objectives and how these may best be achieved together?

Having reflected on your perspective, I invite you share your views with your team members and seek their perspectives. Stay curious about what learning opportunities may arise from these conversations.

Teamwork could become common practice.