Meetings, bloody meetings

Did you know, executives spend on average 23 hours a week in meetings. Based on recent research conducted by the Harvard Business School, 71% of executives claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and miss the opportunity to realise the value in teamwork.

Just think about all that waste generated from ineffectual meetings multiplied across your entire organisation! To help reduce the waste and add greater value, before each team meeting, consider the following:

  1. Start with WHY, not the WHAT – Before each meeting, identify what value your stakeholders would look to you and the team to add from the meeting. This is not to be confused with agreeing on the agenda. What's the point of sticking to an agenda that adds little or no value?
  2. Get into the MOOD – Identify what mood would best serve you and the team during the meeting? Moods are predispositions for action - everything we do is because of the mood we're in. How much more value could be created if team members were in a mood of curiosity and possibility?
  3. WHAT is most important be achieved, together. – Focus on what is most important be achieved that requires the team members to work interdependently - teams exist to achieve something greater than the capacity of any individual. If you're meeting to assign individual responsibilities, then for what sake are you meeting?

How much value you add or waste you generate is in your control. You choose.