How to identify executive potential

Whilst 93% of high potentials are high performers, 71% of high performers are not high potentials (Corporate Leadership Council).

Assessing others' executive potential based mainly on intuition or to give undue weight to their experience and to equate potential with their current performance is proving to be flawed.

There's a better way. 

Research done by Egon Zehnder has shown there are four traits that reliably predict the development of executive ability - i.e. potential. These include:

  1. Determination - the selfless drive, tenacity and resilience to sustain effort and focus despite obstacles and distractions.  
  2. Insight - proactively gather information and make new insights that when applied, transform past views and set new directions.
  3. Curiosity - seeking out new experiences, ideas, knowledge, seeking feedback and learning new things in order to change.
  4. Engagement - to deeply engage others, communicate a persuasive vision, inspire genuine emotional connection of individuals to the organisation and the leader.

The science of assessing executive potential has advanced. As a leader, to what extent do you demonstrate the four traits and as an organisation, have the four traits been effectively integrated into the executive assessment processes and methodologies?