How to avoid getting stuck in a difficult conversation

In my previous newsletter I shared the three reasons why we get stuck in a difficult conversation. Let's turn our attention to the three things you can do to AVOID getting stuck in a difficult conversation.

Firstly, shift your thinking from 'certainty' to 'curiosity'. Avoid the trap of believing what you think is the 'truth'. Rather, be curious about why the other person sees it differently. Inquire more, advocate less. And listen! 

Secondly, don't assume because they disagree their intentions are dishonourable. There's a reason they disagree. Focus on understanding why their perspective differs. 

Thirdly, shift from 'blame' to 'contribution'. Stop blaming others and ask yourself just one question; "How have my thoughts and actions contributed to this problem?" Be honest with yourself and share your answer. Then ask them to answer the same question of themselves.

Try it and experience the difference in the quality of your relationships and achieve so much more.