How do your moods serve you?

We are biologically, inescapably emotional beings – we are never not in mood. Everything we do is because of the mood we’re in. So, how do your moods serve you and others?

In the work I do with executive and leadership teams, they come to observe how their moods serve to either enable or hinder their collective capacity to explore and move towards a desired future.

When teams fail to realise and leverage their collective capacity and potential, it’s because they are stuck in a ‘mood of resignation’. Resignation manifests in the belief that one’s actions will not make any difference, which leads one to find reasons and excuses why new possibilities are unlikely to occur.

Have you ever thought or heard others say;

  • “Why bother, nothing I/we do will make a difference – it’s the way they’ve always done things”
  • “There’s no point sharing my ideas, no one ever listens around here”
  • “Don’t waste your time, we’re tried that before and it won’t work”

The mood of resignation is toxic. It’s often not recognised, but its impact is devastating.

In ‘resignation’, we stay stuck in a past – we don’t recognise we have the choice and capacity to influence or shape a desired future.

How to manoeuvre out of resignation

Whilst we can’t control our moods, we can manage our moods. The opposite of a mood of resignation, is a mood of ambition. To shift to a mood of ambition, requires we shift our assessments to ‘what could be’ and ‘what I could do’.

These assessments open new spaces of possibilities to explore and create a future we feel energised to move towards. To move into a mood of ambition, I invite you stay in the following assessments;

  • “I could make a difference to how things are done around here and achieve better outcomes”
  • “I believe my ideas have value, so I’ll share them and be open to what may happen”
  • “If we’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked, how could we come to it differently to ensure we succeed?”

In a mood of resignation, we are predisposed to stay a victim of the past - by being in a mood of ambition, we lean into a future of possibilities.

It’s your choice!