Group vs Team - what's the difference?

What distinguishes a group from a team? A group, at best, achieves results equal to the sum of its parts; a team’s results are greater than the sum of its parts.

Teams distinguish themselves from groups, in that they:

  • Align to a unifying purpose – team members share a deep commitment to a cause greater than themselves
  • Commit to a common approach – team members share an uncompromising commitment to how they behave and ‘turn-up’ with each other
  • Agree to collective performance goals – team members hold themselves and each other accountable to achieve those goals they can only achieve by working interdependently

To what extent is the team you lead or are a member of, aligned to a common purpose and approach and what goals do the members hold themselves and each other accountable for?

Unless you know the answers to these questions, all you can hope to be is a group or at best a pseudo team.

The only way to create a future and achieve what’s possible, is to work as a team.