How to shift from being a 'group' to be a 'smart team'

A ‘group’ is nothing more than a collection of individuals who make independent contributions to a common objective, thus requiring low levels of integration and alignment. Working groups function well in certain contexts where complexity is low, and the objectives are straightforward. However, they become less effective as the environment becomes more complex and the objectives become more challenging. When identifying and seizing synergies becomes a prerequisite for long-term sustainability and scalability, groups must evolve into teams or else, face oblivion. Read More

Is your team a safe place?

Teams are the primary unit of performance in all organisations. Only through teamwork can leaders combine different but complementary skills, knowledge and perspectives to identify and seize synergy opportunities, overcome difficult obstacles and achieve challenging objectives. Read More

Navigating the White Water

Trust in our organisations and their leaders is at an all-time low. When trust is questioned and transparency is demanded transformation is inevitable. Senior leaders are seeing the need for a different way to manage their complex environments. Read More

The Gifts of 2018

Whether 2018 has been your best year ever, your ‘annus horribilis’ or something in between, now is a great time to reflect on the year that’s been. Read More

Stop the meeting madness

We all accept that effective meetings are an essential foundation for becoming a high performing team. That said, 71% of leaders (Harvard Business Review – July 2017) claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and, more often, undermine teamwork! Read More

Meetings, bloody meetings

Did you know, executives spend on average 23 hours a week in meetings. Based on recent research conducted by the Harvard Business School, 71% of executives claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and miss the opportunity to realise the value in teamwork. Read More