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Inside Out

By Bernard Desmidt

Inside-Out Leadership goes to the core of "how to" become a more effective leader - a leader that can inspire and motivate people, bring out the best in their team members, and consistently achieve superior results.

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Inside-Out Leadership is laden with commonsense - leaders will read this book and wonder why they're not already doing this.

Marshall Goldsmith

Recognized as the most influential leadership thinker in the world and the New York Times bestselling author of, What Got You Here Won't Get You There and MOJO.

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Teams are the predominant unit of organisational performance. So, given high performing teams are so powerful, why are they still so rare? Read more

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We all accept that effective meetings are an essential foundation for becoming a high performing team. That said, 71% of leaders (Harvard Business Review – July 2017) claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and, more often, undermine teamwork! Read more

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Meetings, bloody meetings

Did you know, executives spend on average 23 hours a week in meetings. Based on recent research conducted by the Harvard Business School, 71% of executives claim meetings are unproductive, inefficient and miss the opportunity to realise the value in teamwork. Read more

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